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HVAC Sales Engineer- Abu Dhabi HVAC Sales Engineer- Abu Dhabi Sales & Marketing





Job Description:

An HVAC Sales Engineer is responsible for promoting and selling heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. They work closely with customers, contractors, and engineers to identify their needs and provide recommendations for HVAC solutions. Their role involves conducting site visits, preparing cost estimates, and coordinating with internal teams for project implementation.


• Identify potential customers and market opportunities for HVAC systems.

• Establish and maintain relationships with contractors, architects, and consultants.

• Conduct site visits to assess customer requirements and recommend HVAC solutions.

• Prepare cost estimates, proposals, and contracts for HVAC projects.

• Coordinate with internal teams to ensure successful project implementation.

• Provide technical support and guidance to customers and contractors.

• Attend industry events and trade shows to promote HVAC products and services.

• Stay updated with industry trends.


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