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E-Commerce Manager - Dubai E-Commerce Manager - Dubai Others







  • E-commerce planning, system set-up, operation and execution supporting in Middle east and Africa
  • To support MEA partners’  Online brand shop set-up and result monitoring with agencies
  •  Full understanding of company’s digital KPIs PII data base establish, online store management score and so on
  • Integrated working process to link with company’s digital KPIs and E-commerce related execution
  • Work closely with subsidiaries’ PIC to support and to resolve daily issues
  • Work closely with HQ’s PIC to understand KPI & guideline
  • To develop best practice cases with subsidiaries
  • To support other digital related works within RHQ Marketing team based on requirement
  • Weekly report to the marketing team head
  • Marketing Budget management and vendor registration on the company’s’ system and invoicing work for the related works
  • Define and implement the Annual Sales Plan for all eCommerce business.
  • Develop a site optimization strategy and calendar to drive short- and long-term improvements.
  • Create, manage, and maintain accurate content and optimize title, product description, bullet points, and images to present product features effectively and maximize conversions.
  • Coordinate and oversee front- and back-end website improvements to positively impact customer experience, sales, and/or functionality.
  • Research and recommend products and/or product enhancements based on customer feedback and market landscape.
  • Process eCommerce orders through ERP system and keep accurate records of all transactions, returns and refunds.
  • Provide supervision for customer support for all inquiries related to the web store, including product information, online orders and returns.

Monitor success of all listed products and leverage customer behavior and analytics to generate proactive plans to improve performance



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