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Job Detail

Jr Associate – Production (Abu Dhabi) Jr Associate – Production (Abu Dhabi) Others







AED 2500+Accomodation+Transport+Food

Essential duties and responsibilities

The Junior Associate is functionally responsible for:

1. Packing of end products according to established standard procedures.

2. Storing and transporting goods by stacking on a pallet.

3. Movement of Stacked pallets into the cooling zone after film wrapping.

4. Ensure compliance to packaging schedule /maintain an inventory of consumable materials

5. Loading of semi-finished products from Log tray to the module making machine.

6. Making of modules as per specifications given and attach necessary fitting to the modules.

7. Storing and transporting goods by stacking on a pallet and shipping.

8. Adhere to QMS / EMS system documentation

9. Autonomous maintenance of all equipment’s.

10. Maintain a safe, healthy and visual work place.

11. Perform all related duties as assigned.


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