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Spare Parts Coordinator - Dubai Spare Parts Coordinator - Dubai Others




Job Responsibilities:

• Responsible for developing and maintaining customer relations for Spare Parts supply.
• Overall responsible for inquiry/quotation process.
• Approval of customer Purchase Order.
• Registration of order confirmations.
• Ensure materials/products are received by the customer.
• Generate certifications as per customer requirements.
• Identifying and defining new part numbers.
• Secure technical support and clarification to customer.
• Supporting professional and competitive Spare Parts Services world wide.
• Assist Agent in coordinating and updating stock inventory.


Required Skills & Qualifications:
• Technical education or equivalent experience.
• Experience in customer relations.
• Minimum of 2 years experience in a sales related role.
• Organized and focused on quality, cost and timely delivery.
• Able to work independently or as part of a team
• Good oral and written English Skills.
• Ability to learn the technical aspects of the product.
• Knowledge of logistics and shipping.


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