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Job Detail

EMS Sales Engineer (HVAC)- Dubai EMS Sales Engineer (HVAC)- Dubai Sales & Marketing




Job description:

1.Expand spec-in, award and sales for Airconditioning control system and BMS/BEMS
2.Pre-sales support to the Sales team, preparing the necessary information needed about the solution to implement in each project;
3.To present HVAC Products, “evangelize” partners and end-customers to understand the advantage of company products and the products created and developed through partnerships;
4.Be aware and updated on all trends, new solutions and technologies so all the time company can be known by partners and customers as the leading force regarding future technologies and in that way be recognized in the market as a true expert in its field;
5.Develop new partnerships to offer our brand products to the target clients, pushing the bordering of product line and integrate different GBUs so company has a stronger offer than the competition;
6.Use the Partners SI certificated customers to develop differentiated products/solutions from competitors so company can provide added value with its offer (Ex. Mirror Solutions/Transparent Solutions).

Minimum 5 years experience in similar position and industry.

Other Requirements:

1.Knowledgeable of the BMS business, products and industry trend
2.B2B project experience
3.Engineering skills, fast execution, focus and motivation for goals achievement
4.Strong computer skills (MS Office)
5.Self-starter, innovative and able to work independently
6.Proven ability to manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously




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