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Job Summary: Looking for dedicated and talented Home Care Nurses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Job Key Details 

Monitor, record and report needs, concerns and coordinate the needs of patients and maintain constructive relationships with them 
Conduct visits to the home of patients, perform a complete patient assessment during each visit and re-evaluate the their needs 
Carry out charge nurse duties with demonstrated proficiency, triages patient care and successfully manage incoming patient care related calls 
Conduct physician’s plan of treatment and report changes as required 
Check with client’s physician regarding the disease and symptom management requirements 
Perform any other task as required 

Job Qualifications and Experience 

The required candidate must have relevant qualifications in this role 
Minimum of two years experience in the same position required 
The suitable candidate must be female and DHA licensed, however candidates with DHA eligibility letters can apply 
Should have excellent communication skills 
Familiarity with current policies and procedures of standard patient care 
Should have basic computer knowledge 
Must be familiar with current and frequently used medications including modes of administration, actions and side effects 
A female candidate is required 


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