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Information Security Technical Assessor (Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Tester) Information Security Technical Assessor (Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Tester) Information Technology





Job Description
The successful candidate will perform internal/external network-based, and web application-based security vulnerability assessments and penetration tests based upon General Security Controls, Payment Card Industry (PCI) ASV, ISO 27000 and NESA standards. This person will also perform penetration tests in accordance with industry-accepted methods and protocols. Projects may include:
? Performing network-based security assessments
? Performing security assessments on Internet-facing applications
? Performing security assessments on software applications
? Performing penetration tests across public networks of customers
? Performing penetration tests across internal networks of customers
? Performing assessments of wireless networks
? Performing assessments of physical security using social engineering
? Working as a team member on multiple engagements to perform technical software and environment testing
? Performing security consultation projects to assist Client’s implement security controls
? Consulting with Client’s on approach and proper implementation of technical security controls
? Developing testing scripts and procedures
? Other security-related projects that may be assigned according to skills
Technological Coverage
1. Infrastructure (Wired / wireless networks) - Required
2. Security Configuration Reviews (Required)
3. Web Applications
4. Mobile Applications
5. Source Code Reviews

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