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General Manager - Pressure Vessels Manufacturing (Dubai) General Manager - Pressure Vessels Manufacturing (Dubai) Accounts & Finance





1. Work with the Managing Director and other Heads of Function to influence the creation and
communication of company strategy, business priorities and targets and ensures there are systems in
place to enable the shop floor to receive the information in a timely manner.
2. Maintain cordial relationship with all existing customers, suppliers, vendors and consultants
3. Tap contacts with the companies in the Oil & Gas Services to get new business
4. Develop a five year Strategic Plan and supplement the same with Annual Business Plans
5. Ensure achievement of Annual Business Plans with projected Net Profits
6. Takes decisions on matters relating to the day to day operation within their defined work area including
the strategic planning of resources
7. Ensure Cost Consciousness is prevalent and is practiced across the entire organisation
8. Ensure productivity improvement at all levels leading to overall cost reduction
9. Adopt the best practices from the Industry and ensure the Policies and Procedures followed by the
company are in line with the dynamics of the business
10. Ensure that the production operation complies with all policies and procedures relating to Security,
Health and Safety; influence any changes necessary to meet statutory requirements, ensuring
minimum risk to staff members and the business
11. Ensures all shop floor proposals meet the required return on sales prior to submitting any
recommendations to the Managing Director; all shop floor locations must be visited to ensure they will
trade effectively and meet the proposed budgets.
12. Ensure employee engagement at all levels for continuous improvement and innovation
13. Ensure adherence to all the statutory requirements and regulations stipulated by the Government and
Regulatory authorities
14. Generates ideas about future business activities to ensure a cutting edge strategy; maintains up to
date all shops and related initiatives

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