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Cost Accountant -  (RAK) Cost Accountant - (RAK) Accounts & Finance






Cost Accountant – Costing is responsible for evaluating production costs and proper stock valuation.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities           

1.       Verify and process the entries passed by the accountants and factory production planning team.

2.       Inventory management.

3.       Fixed asset management

4.       Production analysis.

5.       Prepare periodic individual and consolidated cost management reports and related reports within the deadlines

6.       Work with the Finance Manager and account team to prepare budgets, forecasts and projections

7.       Liaison with factory and technical team for getting Product cost and full factory cost

8.       Prepare cost and margin analysis, KPIs and other reports as required

9.       Monitor and review the ERP and related controls, and communicate with the IT Team to improve or rectify errors, if any.

10.   Ensure continuous process and controls improvements / automation in the ERP as well as other related functional areas.

11.   Liaise with accountants and external auditors for smooth completion of annual audit

12.   Manage VAT and other indirect taxation, insurance of assets and inventory etc.

13.   Report to the Finance Manager and assist with the details required for the management. 

14.   Financial Entry Generation After Costing

15.   Asset Registration

16.   Payroll

17.   Insurance

18.   Stock Valuation

Minimum Qualification

·         Degree in Cost Accountancy or similar Management Accountancy

·         More than 5 years experience in Accounts/Finance (a Cost Accountant, Cost Analyst) in a Manufacturing Environment.

·         Must have a strong Cost systems background and have excellent analytical skills; sound understanding of accounting principles.

·         Computer Literate – Strong Excel skills and the ability to use Outlook and Word.

·         Experience working with manufacturing personnel on development and analysis of cost standards

·         Ability to accurately prepare daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.


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