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Job Detail

Marketing Manager - Dubai Marketing Manager - Dubai Sales & Marketing




Core Functions:

B2B marketing


Sub Functions:

1.Annual Marketing planning & execution with HE B2B

2.  Digital marketing n social media planning & execution

3. Exhibition / Event planning and Execution

4. Media Creative such as Video and reference creation

5.Show room management for branding & renovation
Job Description:

1. Annual Marketing planning & execution

Based on PRM and Business plan, Annual marketing plan should be planned annually. The plan should be having consensus with all subsidiary and management.


2. Digital marketing n social media planning & execution

For the business development, digital marketing plan should be designed and reported monthly and The result should be reported as numeric data. The data will be evaluated based on sales leads with pipeline effect.


3. Exhibition

All the major exhibition of ID business should be designing  and leading.


4. Event design & promotion

Based on annual plan and management direction, should prepare event and promotion activity for Information Display sales.

Such as Tech seminar, and other BTL event should be proposed for the business expansion.



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