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Cost Accountant - Ras Al Khaimah Cost Accountant - Ras Al Khaimah Accounts & Finance




Job Description:


Ø  Verify and process the entries passed by the accountants and factory production planning team.

Ø  Inventory management.

Ø  Fixed asset management

Ø  Production analysis.

Ø  Prepare periodicindividual and consolidated cost management reportsand related reports within the deadlines

Ø  Work with the Finance Manager and account team to prepare budgets, forecasts and projections

Ø  Liaison  with factory and technical team for getting  Product cost and full factory cost

Ø  Prepare cost and margin analysis, KPIs and other reports as required

Ø  Monitor and review the ERP and related controls, and communicate with the IT Team to improve or rectify errors, if any.

Ø  Ensure continuous process and controls improvements / automation in the ERP as well as other related functional areas.

Ø  Liaise with accountants and external auditors for smooth completion of annual audit

Ø  Manage VAT and other indirect taxation, insurance of assets and inventory etc.

Ø  Report to the Finance Manager and assist with the details required for the management. 


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