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Regional Officer/Manager – HSE Regional Officer/Manager – HSE Others









1. Diploma/Bachelor Preference Or

2. Second level qualification in an Environmental Science/ Occupational, safety and health or related discipline.




1. At least 10 years’ experience within the HSE environment

2. Be familiar and conversant with ISO 14001 together with OHSAS 1800/45001 standards.

3. Good knowledge and experience of statutory legislation and regulations.

4. Ideally an Environmental Qualification together membership of a Professional Body.




1. To provide support and advice to an allocated region. Manage a team of Regional Local HSE officers across a number of countries.

2. Holds responsibility to provide assistance and advice relating to Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) matters to all company locations and management teams within the allocated region as determined by the Global HSE Officer (GO).

3. To provide direction for the all allocated HSE staff within their region and also to functional management.



? Provide management direction across their region with regards to HSE matters.

? Understand the company’s Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEMS), Policies, main processes, Standard Operating procedures (SOP’s), tools and statutory requirements as they affect the company’s activities and ensure that the requirements are implemented.

? Assist in maintaining and seeking continuous improvement in Company’s HSEMS and all associated procedures in relation to current industry best practice and minimum statutory requirements within the region.

? Ensure an ongoing professional and competent team of HSE officers and coordinators are in place to provide suitable and adequate support across the region.

? Ensure that all regional significant accidents and incidents (Lost time injuries or higher) are reported to the GO HSE within 24 hours.

? Advise management on all matters connected with accident and incident prevention including the legal requirements for the region as regards.

? Organize and assist in the investigations of injuries, environmental incidents and other related HSE events where necessary or appropriate as requested by regional management or the GO HSE.

? Working with the GO HSE and other relevant stakeholders ensure that external certifications (ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001/45001) are maintained.

? Ensure that appropriate reports and records are kept on behalf of Company including overseeing all external audits.

? Maintain necessary relationships with the wider HSE regional officer and management teams and other managers or heads of departments ie legal, HR, academy, IMO and controlling.

? Assist in the implementation and monitoring of systems to ensure that the company maintains compliance against the HSEMS through a regular review of regional performance and updates.

? Bring to the attention of the GO HSE and regional management areas of concern and recommendations for improving HSE standards.

? With the GO HSE and local HR manager monitor and supervise the activities and workload of the HSE staff (LO’s and HSE coordinators) and advise senior management on the allocation of resources as is appropriate.

? Set by example the importance of the management of HSE issues.

? Support the GO HSE in the monitoring of progress against HSE objectives and targets.

? Maintain own level of knowledge and competency in relation to HSE management and responsibilities.

? Assist where necessary with tenders and external/internal presentations.

? Provide professional and qualified support and advice to the HSE Local Officers, where appropriate act as mentor and coach.

? Undertake a programme of “Regional Officer” audits and inspections of the company’s offices and workplaces in agreement with the country manager.

? Carryout regular HSE update briefings within their region to ensure effective HSE communication and understanding.

? Support and participate in group HSE audits as requested by the Global HSE officer.

? Be available to advise on the assessment and appointment of contractors, consultants and other relevant persons or organizations who may be carrying out work on behalf of Company.

? When requested, advise on the preparation of risk assessments and control measures.

? Periodically conduct country regional progress/advisory visits to support HSE LO’s.

? Provide accurate and timely regional performance reporting data.

? Assist in the preparation and implementation of HSE training courses and ensure that staff, within his/her area of responsibility, have received the appropriate training.

? Actively promote all initiatives, in particular the HSE aim of “No accidents, No harm, No compromise” and the Personal Commitment Card initiative.





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