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Job Detail

Terminal Manager - Djibouti Terminal Manager - Djibouti Oil & Gas




Job Purpose

Responsible for the entire upkeep and major maintenance of the Terminal Assets including Terminal modifications and Projects while supporting the policies, goals and objectives of the Company. Close coordination with Terminal Operations and EHS functions and ensure smooth execution of major maintenance and project activities



 Principal Accountabilities – Maintenance

1) Directly reports/updates the General Manager of Djibouti Terminal on any major maintenance related activities.

2) Directly coordinates with Terminal Manager, Maintenance Team, and EHSSQ Department related major maintenance works.

3) Responsible for preparation of Rolling Budget preparation, Annual Capex and Opex budget in coordination with respective Djibouti Terminal Department Managers on an annual basis.

4) Responsible for the Capex and Opex budget tracking and optimal utilization in close coordination with respective Djibouti Terminal Department Managers.

5) Responsible for establishing Maintenance Strategy and Planning major maintenance of Djibouti Terminal assets.

6) Responsible for Gap Analysis of maintenance related issues and updating Djibouti Terminal management team on the same.

7) Responsible for objective setting, plan development and performance review of Djibouti Terminal  Assets performance

8) Assists Djibouti Terminal in hiring of Maintenance and Projects personnel

9) Undertakes review of Terminal equipments/systems and technical studies to minimize unplanned downtime, anticipates/solves problems, and to identify opportunities for improvement.


10) Prepares reports, Analyzes data and make necessary recommendations for improving Terminal operations and solving maintenance related problems



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