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Junior Associate- Maintenance - Abu Dhabi Junior Associate- Maintenance - Abu Dhabi Others






Essential duties and responsibilities
The associate is functionally responsible for:
1. Ensuring and maintaining 5S in the work place.
2. Maintenance of the all equipment’s & associated installations
3. Time based, Condition based, Shutdown & Breakdown maintenance
4. Trouble shooting and failure analysis
5. Safe operating and maintenance practices as per the SOP’s
6. Adhere to TPM concepts
7. Coordinate with internal customers / service and maintenance contractors.
8. Adhere to QMS / EMS system documentation
9. Responsible for closure of all Safety related Near misses, Implementation of suggestions, Closure of Quality near misses.
10. Responsible for closure of Kaizens which has number of repeated problems.
Technical responsibilities include the following:
1. Installation, commissioning, and maintaining of all plant equipments.
2. Operate and perform routine scheduled maintenance of all plant equipments which includes:
• Spinner
• Needling machine
• Raw material batching system
• Annealing oven
• Pumps, Blowers, Fans, Air compressor, Conveyors, Gear Box, Heat Exchangers, Pipeline, Valves & Fittings, Cooling Towers.
Power Supply Units
• Switch Gear/MCC/PCC
• Transformers/Motors/Cables
• HT Isolator, Insulator & Bushing
• Earthing System
• Lightening Protection System
• Switch Boards & Feeders
• DG
• Breaker/Relay/Fuse/Starters/Timers
• Indicating Lamps/Cable Lugs & Cable Termination/ Jointing
• Receivers & Transmitters
• Switches & Control Valves
• Sensors
• Actuators
• Controllers
• RTD/Thermocouple
• Flow meter (Magnetic/Orifice plate)
• Load cell
Automation Systems
• SCADA -Programming & trouble shooting
• Variable speed drives
• SCR’s / PCB / DC drives



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